Reasons that Police Watches are Popular in Malaysia

Police Watches are Popular in Malaysia

Great Features of Police Watches in Malaysia

The Police brand is very well-known in Malaysia and quite popular as a watch manufacturer. Police is a brand founded by the Italian De Rigo brothers in 1978. They began with the manufacture and sale of sunglasses throughout Europe and expanded into watches in 2003. Their bold designs caught the attention of buyers right away and became widely popular, not only in Europe but around the world. This article will give an overview of some of the reasons for the popularity of Police watches in Malaysia.

Brand Ideals

The Police brand was built around the ideals of expressing individuality and tenacity. It is inspired by the American on-the-road lifestyle, lending its expression an air of freedom and rebellion. Police is truly a brand for self-expression and being true to oneself, which is highly appealing to many people worldwide.

Another element of branding that has certainly caught customers’ eyes is their fun celebrity brand ambassadors throughout the years. Police has teamed up with actors such as Bruce Willis and Antonio Banderas, and athletes like David Beckham, who is renowned all over the world. Advertisements coordinating with the release of action movies, such as the Justice League, have certainly contributed to Police watches’ popularity in Malaysia.

Classy Look

Another reason people in Malaysia love Police watches is that they have a high-quality design that can look classy in various environments. Police watches are a great accessory choice for work, an elegant gala, or a casual night out.

They are versatile and unique, allowing wearers to express themselves through any outfit or on any occasion. Police watches have a high-fashion look while still exuding a unique, rebellious look that is anything but mainstream.

Great Functionality

Another reason that Police watches are so popular in Malaysia is their excellent functionality. Even with their bold, eye-catching designs, they never compromise the effectiveness of their watches’ time-keeping abilities. The high-quality materials and detailed assembly of Police watches make them a long-lasting wardrobe item that you can depend on for years.

Police watches are manufactured using durable materials, including mineral crystal, stainless steel casing, and leather straps. Mechanical elements are assembled with care to ensure that they operate well for a long time. Most Police watches also come with a two-year warranty to guarantee their high quality after purchase.

Find Police Watches in Malaysia

Overall, Police is a fantastic watch brand with many benefits. They have brand ideals that allow their wearers to express their individuality and tenacity through their personal style. Additionally, Police brand watches present a high-class look without compromising functionality. This iconic brand is a must-have item in anyone’s accessory wardrobe. Check out retailers of Police watches in Malaysia to add one to your collection today.