Muslimah Wear: Essential Styling Tips To Look Fab For Raya

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Many Muslims now are fasting and abstaining from temptations especially eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset, to celebrate the month of Ramadan. This signifies another Islamic festival coming close, Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It is a special time in Malaysia, discriminate of race, as it is an occasion celebrated harmoniously with other cultures. Most of us are savouring the opportunity to enter our friends and family’s homes in our new Raya dresses and clothes while enjoying a delicious spread of festive food. With Raya just around the corner, it’s time to shop for your perfect Raya OOTD that you can share on your Facebook account.

There are an array of traditional outfits that you can choose from in Malaysia, and one that is becoming more popular is Muslimah wear. This fit is modest yet fabulous.


The great thing about this outfit is that it’s incredibly comfortable. Most of these polyester Muslimah wear or blouses are designed to be a regular cut instead of a slimmer one, making them more breathable and stretchy. The stretchiness of the blouse is an added advantage when surrounded by irresistible Raya treats, so you can still enjoy all the food without having to worry about it being tight.


Muslimah wear is super versatile; it makes it so easy to pair with other clothes. Whether you prefer pants or skirts, a Muslimah blouse will leave you with plenty of options.

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The Choice is Yours: Choose to Pair Your Gorgeous Muslimah Blouse with Pants or a Skirt

A pair of Muslimah straight cut or slim-cut pants would match the blouse. Also, that outfit would be business appropriate, so you can rewear it even after Raya is over.

Source: Gene Martino
Be Prepared to Receive Endless Compliments with This Stunning Outfit

However, if you’re looking for a more fun look, pair your Muslimah blouse with a mermaid skirt. This long skirt maintains your modesty while looking very stylish for a day out shopping or cafe hopping.

To keep in line with the modest aesthetic of Muslimah wear, you could pair it with a beautiful hijab shawl. Matching it with your blouse will enhance the fit, making it OOTD worthy.

Now that you know what combination of top and bottom you will go with, it’s time to start accessorizing. It’s always fun to spice up an outfit with jewellery and other accessories. Remember, try not to overdo it with the jewellery as Muslimah wear is meant to be modest. Less is more, and you will notice when you enhance your outfit with some jewellery instead of taking the spotlight away from the actual clothes.

Now that you’re equipped with these useful tips, you’re ready to rock up to your Raya open house looking fabulous in your Muslimah wear.