Iranian Embassy Rejects Allegations of “Iranian Spy”

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bangkok categorically rejects and denounces baseless allegations made by a media outlet in Bangkok about Iran and Iranian citizens, it said in a press release issued on Monday.

The press release came after the Thai media outlet published the news about the security alert, citing a police source, who said the Royal Thai Police issued a secret order to its officials to keep an eye for spies from Iran after one Iranian national was arrested in Indonesia.

Following the publication of this false news by the Thai media outlet, the embassy has pursued the issue through diplomatic channels. So far, none of the Thai political and security officials has confirmed the claim.

The embassy reiterates that historical and friendly relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Thailand have always been based on mutual understanding and respect.

Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, Iran has been faced with such smear campaign while paying a high price on fighting terrorism, including on defeating ISIS, it said in the press release.

In recent days, with the aim of influencing negotiations on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, which is fully under the IAEA surveillance, the Zionist and certain Western media have published bogus allegations about Iran, according to the embassy.

The embassy also noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran, holding unique experiences and a high record of cooperation with other countries on fighting terrorism, has offered cooperation in this regard to friendly countries including the kingdom of Thailand.

The embassy stated that it considers publication of such baseless allegations as disinformation and added that it will continue its efforts on boosting bilateral relationship for the common interests of the two nations.

Source: TNA