Don’t Let Warehouse Rack Damage Hurt Your Productivity

Don’t allow rack damage to affect your warehouse’s ability to deliver your services on time. ROS-Thailand has a specialized rack repair process that allows you to maintain your work schedule despite rack damage from moving machinery.

With the unprecedented growth in online ordering for delivery during the pandemic, warehouses all over the country had to step up their operations to deal with the short delivery schedules promised by online companies. The public got used to ordering an item online and having it shipped to their doorstep in record time. It’s changed the retail business from store-focused to delivery-focused and has speeded up the operational capabilities of the warehouses that hold all this retail merchandise.

Accurate Order-filling is Key

This means that many warehouse operators have had to invest in more heavy machinery and equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks that help them speed up their processes. They’ve also had to narrow the aisles between their racks to allow them to hold more goods in their warehouses. And this has led to more frequent damage by heavy machinery to the uprights of the shelves and racking systems that are vital to the staging and accurate order-filling in a warehouse.

Inefficient Repairs to Damaged Uprights

In the past, the way to deal with damaged uprights in a warehouse was to unload the rack and put the merchandise elsewhere until the damaged upright could be replaced and the rack could bear weight once again. Every time you move merchandise from its normal spot, you cause problems for the order-fillers.

The ability to ship the correct merchandise every time is vital to the efficient operation of a retail warehouse. Items that have to be moved when racks are damaged slow down warehouse operations and increase errors in the picking operations. Dealing with returns from incorrectly filled orders takes the workforce away from their primary task, and further slows down a warehouse’s operations.

Better Solution to Rack Damage

A company called ROS-Thailand has an ingenious solution to the problem of damaged uprights in busy warehouses trying to maintain a steady pace of operations.

Their rack repair solution allows warehouses to continue working with the merchandise still in place on the damaged rack. The solution starts with a team from ROS-Thailand performing an inspection on the upright to ensure it still falls within their stringent safety parameters.

If the upright is deemed to be stable, a precision-engineered die surrounding the damaged upright is secured to the rack. Hydraulic rams take the load off of the damaged upright, and the upright is replaced or fixed with the identical profile of the original upright. Then, the hydraulic pressure is eased, and the supporting die is removed.

ROS-Thailand’s repair solution has ensured their customers can keep to their picking and shipping busy schedules without missing a single deadline. If you own or manage a warehouse in Thailand, please get in touch with ROS-Thailand today and find out how much time and effort they can save your warehouse.