Buy Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Online

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Buying your wholesale sterling silver jewelry online is an excellent way to stay ahead of trends and special times of the year when jewelry is the perfect gift.

Few feelings are worse than recognizing a jewelry trend developing and realizing you don’t have enough stock on hand to take advantage of it. A few sales of the same type of ring or pendant have you worriedly checking your stock and wondering whether the sales represent a developing trend and whether you should order more before the trend takes off.

You find yourself doing research into the purchases, casually asking the buyers about the occasion for the gift, or checking the local community to find out if there are any graduations or other special occasions that could be the reason for a rash of silver jewelry buying.

Buying Online Simplifies Purchasing

In the old days, you’d have to carefully plan out your purchasing to make sure you had enough stock on hand to cover all the special occasions and holidays throughout the year. But trends were always impossible to plan for. They just happened, and either you had enough stock to take advantage of them while they lasted, or you didn’t.

But with the speed and abilities that online buying provides, it’s now worth it to pay attention to trends in customer buying patterns. Being able to figure out what jewelry is in style for Christmas or Valentine’s day gifts can make a big difference in your store’s annual profit.

Choice of Shipping Options

Buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry online streamlines your purchasing. You can place your regular bulk orders as you usually would. But you now have the option of placing orders for fast-moving and trending merchandise separately.

You can request that these separate orders be shipped within 3-4 days of placing the order by choosing DHL Express Delivery.

Karen Silver Design in Thailand is the online company that offers these shipping options as a feature of their normal operations. Express Delivery is available from Thailand to many cities around the globe at prices under 50 USD. For Australian orders, the cost is $41. For orders to the UK, it’s $47, and for Express Delivery to the US, the cost is only $39.

Variety to Take Advantage of Trends

With the ordering and shipping options and the vast selection of quality sterling silver jewelry that Karen Silver Design has to offer, you’ll be able to capitalize on every jewelry trend that comes along throughout the year.

Karen Silver Design even offers custom designs that your customers can design themselves. If a local club or organization wants to celebrate a milestone by giving every member a custom sterling silver ring or bracelet, Karen Silver Design will be happy to manufacture the jewelry off of designs supplied by the customer. The more custom pieces of jewelry the customer orders, the lower the price per unit.

Start ordering your sterling silver jewelry from Karen Silver Design and be on top of every trend and occasion.