Why couldn’t US security, intelligence and judicial officials expose Russia’s role in the 2016 US election and Donald Trump’s victory?

BY: Adam Dentor

Exactly in the days after the 2016 US election, a train of FBI agents’ cars rushed to the famous Trump Tower in New York like Hollywood movies.

They spoke to him behind closed doors and away from reporters in the Trump President-elect’s meeting room at the Trump Tower, and reported that Russia had interfered in the US election and had a major impact on American voters.

The claims that angered Trump and the sweetness of his victory soon turned bitter in his mouth.

After US security officials left the tower, Trump held a large press conference in the famous luxury and glamorous lobby of his tower. The lobby of the tower was full of reporters.

From popular television and radio networks and best-selling American newspapers from CNN, Fox News to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Exactly all of the media that Trump had trouble with and severely attacked during his election campaign, creating and paying for them the famous phrase “fake news” and repeating it to his supporters in his campaigns.

Now was the time when all those TV and radio news networks and even newspapers could be embarrassed by Trump and had a hot topic to take revenge on him.

The tower lobby was adorned with a very large table filled with sheets and reports from the Obama administration’s security and intelligence agencies, all of which suggested Russian involvement in the election.

Trump used the same old technique at that press conference. The way he learned from his father as a child. “” Always attack “” “” The best defense is counter-attack “”

From the beginning, the conference began with questions from reporters, most of whom had been insulted by Trump before.

Do you approve of Russia’s involvement in the elections?

Is it counterfeit?

Are these claims true, Mr. President-elect?

Will you resign from the presidency?

Is it true that you got help from a foreign power?

And such questions…

Donald Trump called all these allegations a lie from Obama and the Democratic Party that failed to digest the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Trump has repeatedly told reporters that this is all fake news that you, the fake media, and your socialist masters are telling.

Attacks and insults against journalists continued.

Trump’s aide, Mike Pence, nodded to confirm the president-elect’s words. Something that Trump is very interested in doing. Approved by those around you.

Trump left the tower lobby amid questions from reporters after the news conference.

This was the beginning of a new chapter in American news and information circles.

The president who came to power with the help of a foreign power, the “old enemy of America” ​​Russia.

Senior members of the Democratic Party called for a serious investigation into the matter. Even some Republicans doubted Trump’s victory in their hearts and did not just speak out.

On the day Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the world’s largest democracy, Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi announced in the House of Representatives that we would consider Russia’s involvement in the election and impeach Trump.

The seeds of resentment and enmity between Trump and the Democrats took on an official flavor.

A conflict that DC had never seen before, even during the Nixon era and the Watergate scandal.

At the request of Democratic representatives in the House of Representatives and the Senate, a judicial committee was formed to work on Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US elections.

State prosecutors, local and state government officials, and the Trump administration’s Secretary of Justice also had to cooperate with the investigation.

Trump’s close associates in those days and months of his administration consisted of James Mattis as Secretary of Defense, General McMaster as National Security Adviser, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, First Vice President Mike Pence, and of course Secretary Jeff Sessions. Justice.

Jeff Sessions, meanwhile, was most involved in the research. He should have maintained both his support and loyalty to the president, as well as his sincere oaths to the judiciary and investigative committees in the Senate and Congress on the issue of Russian interference in the 2016 US election with all investigative groups. The investigation was clearly cooperative.

FBI Director James Comey in the year of the election, who had dealt a fatal blow to Hillary by exposing the fact that Hillary Clinton used her personal server for government purposes, at the beginning of the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the US election. He was working on the case on the orders of the Senate Judiciary Committees.

In several meetings for dinner, Trump had asked him to swear that he would not do anything against the president and his credibility, which, of course, was met with the evasions of James Comey.

James Comey initially told the investigative committee that President Trump had asked him not to continue the investigation and to close the case.

Honeymoon talk, he was fired with just one tweet when he went to California.

Trump claimed that James Comey was not loyal to the president and had sworn in.

Trump’s problem was not resolved after the dismissal of James Comey, as a former FBI officer, Inspector Mueller, was selected to investigate Russia’s involvement in the US election and to help Trump’s campaign win.

From the very beginning, Inspector General Müller began a serious and thorough investigation, forcing Secretary of Justice Jeff Sessions to cooperate with his investigation. During the investigation, it was revealed that Jeff Sessions had sworn a lie and had not told the truth to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This was a very bad scandal for the Trump administration. Donald Trump waited until the midterm elections for the Senate and Congress, and after the midterm elections, he fired his Secretary of Justice, Jeff Sessions.

The removal of Jeff Sessions was not the first example in the Donald Trump administration. Many high-ranking officials in the Trump administration have either been fired or fired for investigating Russian involvement in the election. A prime example was Michael Flynn.

His first national security adviser, who also worked hard in his campaign.

It was revealed at the time that Michael Flynn had received $ 500,000 from the Turks in Turkey for lobbying and had met with Putin’s special envoys at the Trump Tower several times during the Trump campaign and received gifts from them.

After the dismissal of Justice Minister Jeff Sessions, William Barr took his place.

It was in those days that Inspector Müller’s investigation circle became narrower and narrower for Trump and his entourage.

From Trump’s son to his son-in-law and campaign managers in 2016.

Everyone was somehow accused of having ties to Putin’s envoys.

Every time someone close to Trump was caught by Inspector Mueller, Donald Trump refused to meet him or called him a liar, claiming that he had done business with the Democrats.

Inspector Müller’s investigation was finally completed in March 2019. Inspector Müller eventually presented Hood’s report to Attorney General William Barr.

William Barr, however, did not reveal any specific details of Inspector Mueller’s investigation at the news conference, citing only parts of it that Mueller did not find in his investigation that could accuse the president of aiding Russia.

Inspector Müller finally told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had not found strong evidence that could accuse the president 100 percent, but he could not acquit Donald Trump 100 percent.

Müller’s ironic report not only did not answer questions about Russia’s involvement in the US election, but also created more ambiguity.

It seems that Müller, because of his position as President of the United States, both spiritually and legally, who has a kind of political and judicial immunity, considered it appropriate to keep this case closed.

There are many reasons for Müller to do this.

The fact that the United States has always presented itself as the most powerful country in the world in terms of national security and intelligence security, and acknowledging that the accuracy of the US election is in doubt, was a disgrace to the US electoral and security system in the world.

If Müller had officially declared that Russia would bring Donald Trump to power as the 45th President of the United States, the Americans would have officially acknowledged that they are not the undisputed power in the world and that their political, security and even military prestige is at the level the world and their allies were in question.

Famous and influential Republicans such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Tom Cotton, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, all backed Donald Trump from the beginning.

Maybe they knew that Trump came to power with the possible help of the Russians, but because of the political revenge in the United States against the Democrats and Trump’s unwavering support for Israel, for the social and popular base of the Republican Party, which is predominantly Christian. Once upon a time, evangelicals were formed. It would have been better to turn a blind eye to Trump’s collusion with the Russians and defend him until the end of his presidency.

But this silence of high-ranking Republican members may have cost the United States dearly internationally …

Declining US influence in North Africa and the Middle East.

Decreased US influence in countries bordering Russia.

The opening of the Russians’ feet politically and militarily in the Mediterranean and oil-rich regions of war-torn Libya.

Russian influence in Iraq and Arab countries.

Russia’s rise to power on Europe’s eastern borders poses a major threat to NATO.

The disappearance of the alliance between the two sides of the Atlantic, that is, the Europeans and the United States.

Declining US hegemony globally and US allies in both Western Europe and East Asia, such as Japan and South Korea.

And even countries like Saudi Arabia are approaching Russia to buy weapons and trade in energy.

Perhaps this silence by longtime U.S. Republican members in the face of allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and even support for Trump during his four years in office has resulted in huge losses to all U.S. interests globally that they will find their mistake in the future.