Trumpism and its ever-lasting impact on Americans

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The important political outcome of the US last presidential election was not who emerged as a winner or who lost but the difference that was to be made.

In every competition between two oppositions, there always comes a winner; it is a fact that a candidate is on the way to victory. But the future is what matters, on how its influence and its impact on the future policies of that nation, the United States, as the key studies, the foot print of Donald Trump is still remaining ever while he is not in power and its impact on other world democracies.
One might be prompt to ask why Trump was able to get votes if he was not still wanted. According to some speculation, Trump got about 70 million votes from Americans, who is seen as someone of immoralities and have rub the America image to the mud. According to the think tank, every poll, psychologist, disciplines all have been accumulated in Trump in 2016, before the coming victory of Biden. Following the success of Biden, the administration is also promising its citizens that a better and a transparent governs and at the same time condemns Trump’s administrative conduct and also denounce his reprehensible policies would drag him into the gutters of American political history.
Anyone might think he could run the race so hard that many voters were called up despite the epidemic and still lost to Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada, despite he had been proven insane.
One may question if anything was wrong with the Americans, looking at the US atmosphere from a political point of view, the envisage of the election result; it can be said that if the Coronavirus did not show up and Trump inability treated it amicably in the United States, he could have turned to office. Never the less, his agenda still remains and will be actualized by the present administration in a slightly different manner because in reality, Trumpism is an American political ideology.
Dealing with the American in respect to the pandemic has been the worst thing in the world. Trump America can be literally seen as a winner with comprehensive influential data. Ironically, Trump has fulfilled America’s agenda which is global warming by killing and allowing the minority to die. It does not matter that the US has shown itself to have the widest and most modern health infrastructure in the free world. His negligence transcends over the counter drugs at his press conferences while politicizing the mask he had contract with the virus. His performance might be described as Shambolic but the impact of Trump’s action will remain like a parasite on a host.
Although Trump gave himself as a sheep taking the slaughter house, his stupidity will ever be remembered in the history of America as the first president to be impeached twice. He shouted the myth of electoral fraud, summoned his supporters to protest the certification of voting at the Washington Electoral College, told them that only through power could they take back their country, and intervened when attacking the US Capitol terrorization of the constitutional government.
With Trump leaving the White House with 82 percent Republican support, there is only one reliable way to ensure it never happens. Sixty-seven U.S. senators including 17 Republicans who were scheduled to vote in a Jan. 6 impeachment hearing on Capitol Hill to condemn Trump. With the expectation that if it happens, the Senate of the Democrats can vote by a majority, and Trump will never bar his candidacy.
Some people see Joe Biden is a good actor, believing he has a charismatic presence in solving problems. But there is still the fear of the return of the evil creatures that was created by Trump. Following the last public statement in the last hours of his presidency, Trump made some threat, uttering horrific remarks such as “We will be back in some form.”
Judging with an annalistic record, Trump supporters believe that Trump’s influential personality goes beyond his presidency, an idea which nurtured in the minds of two out of three Americans that the 2020 election was won by Trump, not Biden. After the 2000 stalemate, a quarter of Americans did not accept George W. Bush as their legitimate president, but the whole agitation disappeared in the 9/11 event. Some people are of the opinion that the attack on the Capitol was instigated by Biden in order to persuade at least some of his voters to accept him as the leader of the country.
Considering Donald Trump’s last moments in the White House, it indicated that the threats made by Trump were not mere statements, but they were a statement of reality. From what Trump said, the key word was “Somehow or in some form” which indicates two things; either the Trump impact will over shadow the present administration in all political ratification or it is going to reappear in 2024 with a new look. This is to be taken as a means of sequence in which a scenario played by Trump or someone outside the Biden’s political arena may be disappointed. This statement has posed an indefinite fear in the mind of the present administration. American populism will find a new envoy, one who might seem to be better than Trump and possess qualities which Trump lacks, a personality of self-confidence and an order of authority. On the other hand, Trump’s authoritarian motives were disenchanted not by the system but by the incompetence and inefficiency of his low-rational teams.
Trumpism is a theory and is part of the US political agenda. For the benefit of argument, it can be scrutinized that in order for the Biden administration to contain the threat imposed by Trump, he should be more transparent in his administrative dealing by working intensively than a mere vote in the senate. And that would be more than a return to the relative calm of the Obama era. This means restoring the soil in which Trumpism has grown, making it unique to new species of the same poisonous plant. This is how the idea of Trumpism has been rooted deep in the American existence.
Other sources shows that Donald Trump poll statistics are unpleasant. It does not matter if the result is achieved in the previous election, some people analyzed that his side of victory was the era of free trade, which is disappearing and is gradually coming to end, was replaced by a new “America First” industrial policy that is now systematically welcomed even by the Democratic rival.
Biden’s campaign has shifted its economic focus from “green jobs” to “out-of-market reversals.” Politically, this proposal was initiated by Trump in the economy policy. Biden abandons the economic story that has plagued moderate Democrats since the 1990s. The main story was that overseas and industrialization is inevitable, it was important for Americans to learn about the 21st century jobs.

BY: Isah Omogbai