The US and China, From best of friends to worst of enemies

Relationship among countries is of great essence, helps to foster common national and international interest in a mutual arena but not to the detriment of lost. The sphere of international relations for economics, political and security interest emerged in the early 20th century, which had more effect in the West and especially in the United States, enabling the United States to dominate in foreign policy and power for its selfish goal. The need for international ties was spear-headed in the newly established Soviet Union and later in communist China, which officially imposed Marxist ideology, which succeeded in the West. The relationship between the United States and China had been a friendly zone until the United State stood on China’s toes.
Even since President Donald Trump took office in 2016, one might be prompt to ask why China and the United States have been two poles of the opposite direction in the last two years. The fire which Trump had set with the aim to consume and paralyzed china has reversed towards the United States; the flame is burning bigger and faster than what the United States image, and it’s on the verge of consuming the United State itself, leaving Biden in a state of dilemma.
With China and America’s trade war has created more loop holes for the United States, the bilateral relations between them are steadily deteriorating, attracting more global focus on the distinct strategic ambitions of the two countries, which are seen as a world emerging power. The record has shown that America has never been fair in its dealing; its foreign policy has always been built on the foundation of deceit and selfish sentiment. America has always bent in creating dominance by force; force has never yielded a good result but diplomacy. On the other hand, China, committed to peaceful development and national transformation, has been interpreted by the United State as a key strategic competitor, and, however, China’s US policy of intermittent use of engagement and restraint has become a new policy; revolving from the podium of the best of friends to the podium of the worst of enemies.
To have a clearer view of the scenario between China and the United States, it will be mandatory to have a glance at the era when both countries were best of friends.
After the world had a relief from the two major events which took place in the second half of the twentieth century: the end of the ten-year Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the loss of the war to America by Soviet Union pave a way for United States to become the world’s so-called superpower; which had a life span form 20 years from (1990- 2009); in this period the United State cultivated a policy of Sanction which it is used to achieve it evil goal and to suppress other nations and as well perpetrating an act of inhuman. The process of reform and the initiating of rapid economic growth in the present international system was spear-headed by China.
According to analyst, the US-China strategy interchanged between collaboration and restraint over the period of 40 years, as internationalists; seeking to impose US liberal-democratic aspirations on China and also used the Chinese market as a ground to maximized profit, all these strategy was pioneered by Trump, under the vision of putting America first, which was his campaign slogan “America First” and were largely supported by the US political elites with optimistic expectation. America had higher hoped that economic collaboration between the two countries would result in the formation of a free market devices and, most prominently, pave a way for America to influence China’s political system and channel it in the direction set by the United States.
From the records of research, during this period, while the United State was busy and piloting to change and gain hold of the political system of China; the process of reforming and opening of China expanded. Data shows that China have been pursuing a path of peaceful development that is compatible with national and global conditions which has led China to be integrated into the global production chain and its economy has taken greater advances, from the second largest country in the world to the first. Analysis shows that the only reason for America’s economics shrinking is china. China is gradually metamorphosing into a global superpower, its prominence as a key global influencer is currently unwavering.
Over the past decades before Trump, which can be described as a friendship era, China-US diplomatic relations have largely worked together, notwithstanding the different in political systems, strategic interests and cultural orientation. The United States was a partner competitor; because America saw that period as an opportunity to gain economics power, win-win economic interaction was one of the important pillars of their collaboration. Because they were in different positions in the global value chain, the competitive aspect of their economy was not so conspicuous. There were geopolitical and ideological differences, but both sides were rational and pragmatic. This relationship brought tremendous benefits to both parties. China was smarter, in order to create development, US cooperation was needed to gain easy access to the US-dominated free trade system and markets. On the other hand, the United States that has already been blind folded with greed, attached sizeable importance to the trade opportunities offered by the Chinese market.
The United States, who are naturally a gold digger, enact a policy to subdue and subject china under its rule; turn the table of mutuality to the arena of rival and worst enemies. Following the sudden reverse regarding the changes in US domestic policy and dramatic changes in the US view of the world. The US national security strategy and the national defense strategy have officially seen China as a “key strategic rival.” It was so clear Trump was not only a pioneer but also tool to unleash terror on china, the trade war between the United States and china was a strategic judgment prepared by the US government and its allies those who determined the political affairs of America; although Trump is no more in the White House, but his political ideology are still the fundamentals for the current US government under Biden and to fulfilled Trumpism are his primary assignment by crook or hook.
America can be analyzed as an enemy of progress; it has perpetrated an act of terror and crimes against humanity. The misuse of sanction is one of the ways the US transfers its aggressiveness on other nations when it fears defeat; but the fact is that US sanction has never yielded any positive out-come for the United States itself. The United States, under the Trump administration, out of fear that Iran will be a competing, strong and undefeatable competitor to the United States, it unleashed its maximum sanction power on Iran. Such sanction had not weakened Iran in any way or made Tehran go backward even with a step; rather, it has made Iran build stronger capabilities which impose more threat to the United States.
Before Trump, However, China and the United States have no historical record of confrontation between them. America is too selfish in dealings, but want to accumulate wealth undiplomatically; when Biden won the 2020 presidential election, he promised not to have any compromise with china and bent in the continuation of the trade war initiated by his predecessor Trump. In fact, Biden’s slogan during his election campaign was “America is back”; the Trump agenda of “make America great again” and Biden’s “America is back” are all an agenda of the same flag, the only different is that the flag is held in a different hand.
In 2013, China’s President Xi anticipated the Belt and Road Initiative to enable create a principle of “achieving joint growth”, in an effort to develop economically in underdeveloped countries by increasing the interconnection of infrastructure and also expansion of trade with exchanges of skill labor between people. Statistic shows that China is willing to cooperate more and share its development achievement with other countries. If the United States can come down from its high horse, China is willing to work with the US in many ways and in a common purpose. Obviously, the China-US. The ideal will not only be beneficiary to both countries, but will also be of bigger assistance to other countries who are at the developing stage. But America’s dirty nature, greed will never let it achieve progress for itself, let alone other countries.