The attack on the American base in Al-Tanf and the questions that remained unanswered

Last Wednesday, the media reported the sound of an explosion at the Al-Tanf base and an airstrike on a US military base in Syria. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.

The officials, who did not want to be named, went on to claim; The drones are Iranian and Iran seems to have facilitated their use.

Earlier, CENTCOM spokesman Capt. Bill Urban said in a statement that the base had been attacked deliberately and coordinated.

US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby also said that the attack on the US military base in Al-Tanf, Syria, was complex and deliberate.

Here are some notable points:

First; The United States, which has created and supported terrorist groups in Syria, has been present in Syria during the occupation and has established a military base. Under international law, every country has the right to defend its territorial integrity and fight the occupiers, and Syria has the right to confront the United States and its puppets.

Second; Iran’s presence in Syria is at the request of the legitimate and popular government of this country, and to liberate all its lands from the clutches of terrorists and occupiers, it supports the actions of the Syrian government and army, so the United States should respond to its occupation and leave the country sooner.

Third; A stronger guess about the operation to attack Al-Tanf base is the American self-mutilation to justify the occupation, according to Fox News, which the US military was aware of last week’s attack on Al-Tanf base and used its C-130 planes to take nearly 200 soldiers, evacuate from the attack and only 24 soldiers remained at the base.

To describe precisely; Given the chain of US defeats in the region that has led to forced evacuations from areas such as Afghanistan and is about to be repeated in Iraq and Syria, it is not far-fetched that they seek self-harm to find a window to escape this critical situation.

However, what happened at Al-Tanf base reflects the obvious principle that the decline of US unilateralism on the world stage is accelerating and that they have no choice but to leave the West Asian region.

On the other hand, those interested in the support of the White House must also realize that the United States is no longer the savior of the claimant, and if this attachment and companionship continues, no fate awaits them but fall and destruction, and this is the truth that the United States seeks to hide.