Anchoring the captain-less Republican ship off the Trump shore

For the United States and the Republican Party, Trump is like a devastating political earthquake whose consequences will remain in America’s domestic and foreign policy for years to come. In fact, the impact these 45th U.S. president has had on party politics and the historical and deeply rooted foundations of American democracy has led to profound changes that have seriously raised doubts among the American people and elites about the structure of elections and partying in this country, as well as trustworthiness in the votes of the people of the United States.

Separating a nation from the US body with 75 million Trump votes

But the negative effects of the Trump phenomenon on the Republican Party and its members, who strongly supported his candidacy in 2016, have been doubled and more devastating. The Republican Party, the oldest party in the United States, which has always been known for its lack of extremism in domestic politics, conservatism and stability, is currently facing a severe identity crisis. In other words, the party that was once the epitome of stability is now so entrenched that President Trump is seen as the leader of extremism, rebelling against the mechanisms and political structure in which the Republican Party has grown and matured, and even Targeting the Congress, the heart of American democracy, it sends its infantry to attack it.

Most importantly, Trump is not merely attacking the Democratic Party with his behavior and positions, but the Republican Party and its veteran leaders are also aggressively attacking the foray. In fact, it can be said that this republican nose hair is practically trying to confiscate the party or at least establish itself as its chief policymaker and leader, and given its infatuated personality, it has not abandoned any effort to achieve this goal.

It can now be clearly seen that the leaders of the Republican Party do not only have a clear strategy for bridging the deep rifts and reconciling the disparate masses under their control, but with their irrationality and repeated mistakes, they have turned this rift into a deeper valley. So, filling it is no longer their responsibility.

Many Republicans mistakenly prepared for the post-Trump era, rebuilding the party’s foundations and allying with the Democrats, unaware that McConnell, with his seven-year Senate term, could easily overcome the crisis. The Republican Senate leader is also deeply intimidated by the New York tower and worries about his political future rather than the future of the party.

However, McConnell slammed Trump during his second impeachment, assuming the role of responsible leader, calling him “morally and practically responsible” for the Capitol Hill attack and calling for his ouster from the party and the ruling elite. But in the end, Trump’s acquittal was rejected by seven members of his party on the pretext that impeachment of a president who is no longer in power was “unconstitutional,” fearing a large popular base.

In fact, McConnell’s concern is not unfounded, as polls show that before and after Trump’s acquittal in the Senate, 81 percent of Republicans voted for his re-election in the 2024 presidential election, while the popularity of the Kentucky senator was reported only 31 percent.

In such circumstances, while even the old ones prefer their own personal interests to the party’s big interests, it would be no surprise if the Republicans’ captain-less ship leaned more and more toward Trump’s shore and docks there for years to come.

In any case, Trump has gained legitimacy in the United States with 75 million votes, which is more than his votes in the 2016 elections, and with this amount of votes, he has separated a nation from the US body, which will be decisive in any election. Of course, reality cannot be fought, and some Republicans will sooner or later agree with Mitt Romney, one of Trump’s staunchest opponents that he could be the final choice of the Republican Party if he runs in the next presidential election.

On the other hand, along with these developments, the role of SIPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, should also be noted that by holding an annual gathering of conservatives across the United States, it tries to bring their votes and opinions together and in this way strengthen traditional Republicans. But Trump’s plague did not damage this prestigious Republican institution, making it, 48 years old, into Trump’s hand and a travesty for public opinion and international opinion. In fact, when the former president’s golden cold is held at such an important conference, he himself has taken his roots and revealed his devotion to all. A gathering once endorsed by politicians Ronald Reagan, John McCain and even, even recently, Mitt Romney, has today reached the point where he worshipped the “Golden Samaritan calf” and tied the back to its destruction. In other words, such self-interest protections have given Trump such confidence that he will rule republicans as a full-fledged dictator in their entirety to expel those 17 members of the House of Representatives who voted to impeach him in order to “get rid of all of them.”

Finally, looking at the current political situation in the United States, especially the Republican Party, it is easy to see that there is no clear horizon ahead of conservatives, and since Trump has essentially defined his existence in opposition and crisis, in the coming days and months, he will inflame the divisions and blow on its fire, and ultimately disperse Republicans who cannot join the leaders. Relying on their own, they will be attracted to Trump’s devastating charisma.

Perhaps if the Republican elites had considered a reasonable and predictable figure to replace Trump over the years, or even since 2016, they would not have faced such a dire fate.

The fact is that Republican leaders and even the tired body of the party are in a state of shock and have lost the ability to manage the situation, and the “big old party” inherited from a great icon like Abraham Lincoln is trampling in Trump’s swamp and on the verge of complete transformation. Or worse, there is a split; In any case, taking either step will not change its inevitable destiny, and the party will never be able to regain its former position in US politics, and this is the fruit of Republican irrationality by raising Trump in its sleeve.

BY: Aliyu Isah Omogbai