A view from the peanut gallery in the U.S.

Few outside Iran’s government probably know exactly what the country’s leaders are primed to focus on around the alleged upcoming resumption of the JCPOA negotiations in Vienna. But a couple smart commentators outside Iran in the Middle East have claimed this past week that Iran will focus almost exclusively on trying to get the U.S. sanctions lifted so that it can again resume exporting oil widely.

At first glance this suggests that Iran is not going to renegotiate the JCPOA, and this may be concerning but it’s not – because the nuclear deal of 2015 which was adhered to faithfully by Iran was working until Donald Trump, completely captured by the Zionists, scuttled the deal in 2018 and the Europeans did nothing to try to work around the U.S. cancellation and the re-imposition of horrific sanctions.

Yes, the first order of business by Iran’s leaders, and this is sensible, is correctly to insist on a return to the status quo prior to Trump’s moronic and dangerous move. And demand that the resumption of the JCPOA cannot be cancelled again by Biden or anyone else who becomes the U.S. president in 2024. The U.S. must show good faith and stick to it, and then, maybe, at the margin some details of the deal might be modified in future to satisfy the hardliners in Washington. Biden may or may not be keen enough to do what he should and what the world wants to see, but there are some pressures of him to do the right thing.

Consider for example the matter of rampant inflation in the U.S. and the West. It looks like a redux of the late 1970s, and oil prices could well get out of hand if they have not already and such prices ARE huge factors boosting inflationary forces. Saudi Arabia, for one, has not at Biden’s request opened the oil spigot to lower prices to benefit the U.S. and tamp down inflation. The Saudis and its “allies” along the Persian Gulf are hurting these days especially so because they are close to losing the war on Yemen and it appears the Houthis are close to capturing the oil rich and strategic area around Marib. The Saudis have allegedly already spent some $300 billion or more on its war on Yemen and nothing has been gained. Indeed, if Ansarullah controls Marib, it could control all of Yemen and as well some of the most strategic waterways off its coasts.

As for the U.S., unlike around 1980 when Paul Volcker was Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, Washington literally cannot raise short term interests rates (Volcker raised them to just over 20 percent in 1980) because that would crash the entire economy and the capital markets and the U.S. debt load, approaching $30 trillion, would quickly reveal the U.S. to be utterly bankrupt and incapable of even paying interest expenses on its paper.

Meanwhile, the American public’s perception of Biden’s performance almost ensures he will not win a second term as President, and his VP Kamala Harris sports even worst popularity. She has the least popularity of ANY Vice President ever, and seems entirely incapable of doing an adequate job. The Democrats for now appear to be doomed not just in 2024 but next year when they could easily lose a slim majority in Congress. One litmus test was the Democratic loss of the election for the governor of Virginia earlier this autumn. The impending prospects of Democratic party losses ahead are frightening, not least because Trump, unless he is soon indicted for various crimes, could well run for POTUS again in 2024 and too many Americans are just insane enough to give him a chance of winning the election.

It is no wonder Iran wants the U.S. to guarantee the perpetuity of a revived JCPOA no matter who gets in the White House in 2024.

Moreover, even while one hears that Apartheid Israel has ramped up military spending and alleged preparations for an attack on Iran’s nuclear assets should the JCPOA not be revived as it had been (or maybe because it has been revived and the Zionists have always been against the nuclear deal), the U.S. to be clear is in no position to condone such an attack even while it could be dragged into yet another war in West Asia. If it comes to the latter, neither the U.S. nor the Israelis are likely to “win” a war on Iran. The collateral damage all across the Middle East would be catastrophic for the U.S. at home and abroad and for the Israelis. As long said, Iran can easily become THE disastrous donnybrook of both countries and their allies.

One has to be impressed by what Iran did in attacking the U.S. air base in Iraq after Qassim Soleimani’s assassination by Trump. There were pinpoint strikes on al-Asad air base with several missiles each carrying 1600 pounds of explosives. By some miracle or just careful calibration by Iran NO American troops died despite significant damage to the base. It was the biggest ballistic missile attack ever on the U.S. What the attack did was demonstrate Iran’s military capabilities like nothing else ever has. A number of U.S. soldiers at the base suffered mental and some physical damage such as PTSD and oddly enough the U.S. has refused to give the soldiers U.S. “Purple Heart” awards to honor them for the “sacrifices” they suffered.

Biden, who has failed to follow through so far on many of his campaign promises to such a degree that many regular Democratic Party devotees are not keen on him, appears lost, incapable and perhaps doomed. Few Americans would applaud an attack on Iran by the U.S. or the Zionists. Empire of Chaos indeed.

BY: Martin Love