The 2021 U.S. administration; a flawed solution for a disintegrated world

AFP / Getty Images via LAtimes

America has its hard times ahead. Trump or Trumpism is not a person, it’s a thought or an idea. Thinking that allowed the White House to increase government activity and interference in the areas of political, economic and social issues which troubles particularly the white class and the capitalist community. A thought that sought to increase economic freedoms and capitalism and did not accept the idea of “equality of humans” alongside with the idea of “freedom for all humans.”

If the coronavirus had not fallen in the lives of the White House, that is affecting the governmental officials in the White House, today we would have been thinking of Trumpism in the world and in the United States. A thought that combines communism, fascism, Nazism and various forms of dictatorship can still be a terrible incident for liberal Western democracy or a serious and threatening rival to it.

In Trump’s behavior, fascism is well recognized as the product of race of belief, Nazism is the product of national socialism, and even socioeconomic idealistic communism. If the defeated countries in world wars I and II did not experience a variety of Western and Eastern systems and the fruit of fascist, communist, socialist ideas, did not show resistance and restraint against Trump, the world would either have to accept World War III or should have witnessed the growth of American-led populism and nationalism in Europe and developing countries.

In any case, if Trumpism is not countered, this approach will be the basis of a kind of “new authoritarian anarchism and fascism” to create a political and economic movement with global influence. In the form of the U.S. approach, this school of thought is still trying to challenge the credibility and authority of liberal governments and international treaties in order to concentrate power and Americanism and extreme racism so that all systems of government, other than the United States, appear undesirable or unnecessary.
As the first president critical of democracy and the world order, Trump renounced the authenticity of people’s sovereignty and international agreements and rules, believing that the non-white race should be trained or punished for being within the society. In economic relations, he also believed that countries around the world should also compensate for some of the responsibilities associated with the damage to the U.S. national economy in bilateral agreements with the United States. For four years, the United States and the world witnessed the ignoring of domestic and international responsibilities by this thinking.
If Trump’s pessimism toward countries around the world, especially toward Europe and China, had not been drawn by the coronavirus, this pessimism would have been institutionalized, Trumpism’s thinking would have had the chance to survive.

Unlike in the past, the people and government of 2021 should know that more than 70 million U.S. votes for Trump in the 2020 elections do not mean the power of the people and democracy. 50% of votes support a particular thinking. A thought that should have put a ruler at the top of affairs to rule in the White House and gained power from his staunch and staunch supporters. In other words, the creation of a particular ruling class that reflects the feelings of its racist supporters and is not in the executive and managerial affairs of the president of all the people of the United States.

Trump’s insistence on staying in the White House indicates that he is deciding to separate the votes of his supporters from the Biden administration, resulting that democracy is no longer the rule of the people, by the people and for the people, even if Biden declares it every day that the president is the over all-American people.

Trump’s goal is to challenge the authority of the next president-elect to preserve his political legacy. At the end of his term, he could preserve his legacy with the symbolic actions and few domestic and international connections he had gained over the past four years. But it didn’t because the other side of the Trumpism coin is to undermine the authority of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

Trump’s use of force and violence to change inside the United States with the aim of using black tactics to make America look white, and anarchist thinking in his pragmatism forced President-elect Biden to fully elect Harris as America’s oldest vice president to compensate for this loss and prove that he is the president of all Americans. Now, if, for whatever reason, Joe Biden fails to take over the White House, absolutely Harris, as the first black woman in the White House, will become the first woman president in U.S. history, and he will showcase the effects of Trumpism on the White House.

The lack of a responsible government over the past four years in the White House on the rights of minorities in society and Biden’s lack of absolute victory in the 2020 elections, one of the main trends in strengthening domestic and foreign relations, reduces the legitimacy of the 2021 administration, which enjoys 51 percent of the vote. The acceptability and legitimacy that was not seen in the previous elections, and any candidate who won with even less than 50 percent of the vote, would be declared the victors and automatically gained this acceptability and legitimacy.

The U.S. people and government must have understood that the 2020 election, with 150 million participation, is a referendum from the perspective of political sociology. To the extent that the votes increase from 60 percent of eligible people, the equally unbalanced society and the demands of the people will increase in challenging the government. The type of vote cast also indicates the grading of U.S. citizens, which somehow divides them into first-class citizens and second-class citizens, and the same incident perpetrates U.S. hypocrisy.

The sociology of votes indicates that fundamental differences have been made in the United States for the division of political and economic power, and that this unbalanced division of power, which Trump still insists on maintaining, will have extra-party and extrajudicial influences at home and abroad.

Biden must understand that the world’s judgment of the chaotic Trump, who promised to return America’s greatness, will take credit for the United States in his own behavior, and that America’s historic humiliation will still have its impact on the 2021 administration, which will be institutionalized by Biden’s slightest mistake in domestic and foreign policy. The 2021 White House is tough on the face because Trump not only ruined the bridges behind him, but also the bridges behind America, and left no turning back. Now liberal Western democracy faces increasing challenges, and the world order, based on liberal democracy thought, has suffered irreparable losses in the sectors of the economy and global trade and international trust.

Ways to return to America before 2016 will only be built by continuing international cooperation and finding political solutions to global tensions and crises. The 2021 White House must believe that it does not have the opportunity to take risks and bargain, and if it wants to get rid of the historic economic crisis and curb the growing hunger trend in the United States, it must abandon America’s irreconcilability in global leadership and, in international cooperation, lift a knee-powered America from its feet in the face of myriad domestic and foreign problems.

China, Japan and Europe should also help the United States, which has been their strategic trading partner for many years, and abandon competition or challenge the U.S. in order to maintain global stability and security of the economy, at least until the restoration of lost benefits.

The production of the corona vaccine is also an opportunity for Biden to restore U.S. credibility and return to the world order by finding solutions to trade restrictions against China and lifting financial pressures on European allies as well as a return to the Paris memorandum and the JCPOA.